Campus Details

The Southside Church expansion and remodel of our Newnan campus will open November 4, 2018. Renderings of our Chapter Two environments are shown here. Click on the images to enlarge.

What to Expect

Southside Church offers Environments for:

Adult Worship (we just call this Adult Worship)
Pre-K aged Children (we call it WaumbaLand)
Elementary (we call this Up Street)
Middle School (we call it Transit)
High School (we call this InsideOut)
Our goal at Southside Church is not only to partner with our parents to reach the next generation but also to raise a generation that is growing in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We believe that if we can partner with the home we will have a greater chance of helping our children and teenagers learn about Jesus, grow in their relationship with Him, and discover a faith of their own.  This is too big of a task for the church alone…as well as too big of a task for the home.  We become a greater force when we work TOGETHER!



Contact + Location

Please contact us for more information about our environments and how you can engage with us through them.

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Where We Are

Southside Church Newnan is located at 1821 Highway 34 East in Newnan, right off I-85. The property is adjacent to the Delta Community Credit Union and Summit YMCA Healthplex on Highway 34.

Visit Southside Online

For more about what to expect to a Sunday, view our main multi-campus website at to view messages and learn more about how you can get involved.